Android Users, Come In, Android Users!

Recolorists, we are absolutely delighted to reveal something we’ve been working on for a long time – a back-up function for our Android users! The version released right now is a Beta version – which means it might have some bumps here and there – and it’s being released in a staged roll-out, so it won’t reach every user at once. But once it does get to you, you’ll be able to back-up your Recolor pictures to your Google Drive!

Unfortunately, this does not mean you can switch back and forth between different devices (unless you want to import your back-up every time) but it DOES mean that accidentally deleting the app won’t delete all your pictures – and if you permanently replace your device, you can load all your old pictures onto your new phone or tablet and keep coloring as normal!

Please note that users will have to manually back-up their pictures – it’s not automatic – and this feature is available to subscribers only.

If you have any trouble with your back-up, please contact our Customer Support – and as we said, the roll-out won’t reach everyone immediately. Don’t worry if it takes a week or two for you to see the feature :)

We hope you’re as excited for this as we are, Recolorists! Until next time!

The Recolor Team