Android Users - Please Update!

Please update your Android app to version 5.1.11, which is available in the Google Play Store now. To update your app, open your Google Play Store, find Recolor and click on the Update-button. If you have automatic updates enabled your app may already be updated.

This version includes many bug fixes, most importantly the fix for the issue with new daily pictures not staying Free for more than one hour. We have also fixed the commenting issues some of you have experienced.

The issue of picture colors disappearing when choosing Continue Coloring is a known issue, which we are working on fixing asap.

To ensure that you don’t lose your progress, please try to finish coloring your image in one session. We understand how frustrating this is and fixing this issue is a top priority to us. If you encounter this issue (or any others) please contact Customer Support through your Settings and share details of your experience.

We're very sorry for these difficulties, and again, we're working to have everything fixed for you as quickly as possible!