Ben & Jerry's Feature Challenge

Welcome, Recolorists, to our first in-app challenge! Intrigued? Excited? Confused? Fear not; we have all your answers right here!

For this challenge, there will be two rounds; round one from June 5th to June 11th, and round two from June 13th to June 18th. Each round will feature two of our Ben & Jerry's pictures. To take part, click on our challenge banner and color the pictures from that round - you can color as many versions of them as you like! - then use the Share Your Work function to post your pictures to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Be sure to use the #recolorbenandjerrys hashtag so we can find your pictures!

At the end of each round, we will select two winners - one for each picture - from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. That means each round will have six winners - and those six will have their art and profiles featured on our challenge page for the whole Recolor community to see!

We will contact winners through their social media to get their Recolor account details. If winners don't respond within 24 hours, we will be forced to choose someone else. So keep an eye on your social media notifications, colorists!

If you're not sure how to share your work to social media, check out our instructions here. Any other questions can be directed to our customer support at!

So, excited? All clear? Then ready -

Set -


PS. If you can't see the banner in your app yet, don't panic! It should appear within the next 24 hours for everyone.

The challenge will start very soon!