Community Guidelines - the rules that keep the community safe and enjoyable for everyone

Hello Recolorists! Please make sure that you have read our current community guidelines and follow them when posting content in the galleries:

Recolor Gallery is a community for coloring and art lovers from around the globe. The purpose of the gallery is to give you a space where you can display your colorings. Before posting something into the galleries, please ask yourself: “Am I sharing this because I want everyone to see how well I colored it?” If the reason you’re sharing the picture is something else, please reconsider if a coloring app is the correct place for that picture.

The following community guidelines are applied to any content that you share in Recolor galleries, such as images, comments, usernames, userpictures and profile descriptions. Inappropriate content will be removed and accounts that violate the guidelines gravely or continuously can be disabled.

Do not post content that contains the following:

  • Any nudity
    • If they are not wearing clothes, it doesn't belong in the public galleries
    • Exposed or mostly exposed breasts, butts or genitals, or visible nipples
  • Pornography or sexually suggestive images
    • Exposed or otherwise visible genitals, including drawings of genitals
    • Sexually suggestive poses or sexual positions
    • References to sexual activities in pictures or comments
    • Pictures aimed to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings
  • Realistic, gratuitous or excessive violence or injuries
    • Anything beyond occasional cartoon violence
    • Any pictures of realistic injuries, or severe or disturbing cartoon injuries
    • Threats of violence
    • Threatening portrayal of weapons such as guns pointed at people or the viewer or bloody blades
  • References to suicide or self-harm
    • If you or someone you love is depressed and having self-destructive thoughts, here is what to do.
  • Bullying or harassment
    • Mean spirited comments and insults
    • Content aimed to start drama
    • Content that aims to humiliate, harass or single out another user for abuse or ridicule
    • Discrimination based on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender or national/ethnic origin, or any other reason
    • Threats of any kind
    • Attempts to discourage others from reporting inappropriate content

Please remember: "if you have nothing nice to say, it's better to not say anything."

  • Hate Speech
    • Content that promotes hate, discrimination, racism, bigotry or violence or harm of any kind against any group or individual
  • Spam
    • Asking for likes/follows/shoutouts
    • Chain letters and other copy-pasted comments not relevant to the artwork or artist
    • Other images not related to coloring, eg. QA, personal messages, “I’m bored” etc.
    • Unsolicited advertising or promotional materials, commercial or otherwise
  • Preaching
    • Religious or political solicitation
  • Text posts
    • Images that consists only or mainly of text, such as messages, memes, stories etc. will be removed
    • Text can be a part of a picture as long as long as the image still looks like it belongs in a coloring book (eg. quotes or lyrics as a part of the image, or images such as those found in Messages category in the Recolor Library)
  • Roleplaying or stories
    • Roleplaying and stories are not related to coloring and don’t belong in Recolor galleries.
  • Dating
    • Pictures, comments and accounts that are clearly created with the intention to search for relationships will be removed.
  • Illegal activities
    • Encouraging underage or reckless use of tobacco or alcohol
    • Content about illegal drugs, marijuana or abuse of prescription drugs
    • Content or depictions of activities that are illegal or violate the regulations of Apple App Store and Google Play store
  • Personal information
    • Content that exposes personal or personally identifying information
    • Questions that seek to uncover personally identifying information of other users
    • For your own safety, please avoid sharing your own personal information in the public galleries. We may remove such content, including selfies.
  • Shocking or objectionable material, or profanities
    • Swearing or profanities
    • Offensive, insensitive, upsetting material
    • Images intended to disgust, or that are exceptionally poor taste
  • Uncolored images
    • Posts that are not colored and accounts that post only uncolored content may be removed.
    • Simply putting a filter over an import doesn’t count as coloring.
    • Images that look like uncolored photographs or photographs with just a filter on them will be removed, so please take care when coloring your imports.
    • Please only share pictures that express your coloring skills and belong in a coloring book app.
  • Copyrighted or trademarked material
    • If you are the copyright holder of content that you want removed from the galleries, please contact with proof of copyright.
  • Harmful to minors in any way
    • All content shared in the public galleries must be acceptable for all audiences from 13 years up.

The Recolor team has the final say over whether content is appropriate for the public galleries. Recolor moderators will remove any content that violates the guidelines or that they feel does not belong in a coloring app at their discretion.

Failure to follow the Community Guidelines will result in removal of the picture without a warning. Continuous, deliberate or serious violations of the Guidelines can result in your account being disabled and a permanent ban from Recolor Gallery.

If you see any of the above-mentioned content in the galleries, please report it right away. We thank you for your help with keeping the community safe and enjoyable for everyone!

These rules were last revised on August 9, 2018 and are based on Recolors Terms of Service and the content guidelines of Apple App Store, Google Play Store and, all of which you have agreed to follow when using the App Stores and creating a gallery account with Recolor. To read Recolor's full Terms of Service, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support through Help Center.