Grab your baskets, it’s time for an egg hunt!

Hunting through the house or garden for the delicious treats left by the Easter Bunny is one of our favorite things about this time of year. So of course we had to organize an egg hunt of our own!

Our illustrators have carefully crafted six very special, very different eggs for you – and they’ve all been hidden somewhere in the app! They’re not dailies, and typing ‘Easter’ into the search bar won’t help you (although it will give you a number of other Easter-themed pictures!) You need to look for them yourself in the picture categories, one by one. But don’t worry – you’ll know them when you see them. They’re egg-shaped!

You can also click on our egg hunt banner in the app to find six other egg pictures, if you don’t want to go hunting – and there’s three free pictures waiting for you there! So even if you don’t feel like searching for our hidden eggs, there’s still something for everyone to color :)

Happy hunting – and coloring!