Happy Pride Month, Recolorists!

Pride is a time to celebrate all love and all the colors of the rainbow, and to express our love for you we have a lot planned for this upcoming month - besides offering more LGBT+ themed daily pictures, we’re also having a Pride Collection and a Pride Event!

Our Pride Event will launch on the 11th of June, and for the first time ever, it will be completely free – meaning that all of the Event pictures will be available for everyone, whether you’re a subscriber or a free user!

Our Pride Collection will run the entire month and half of the entire Collection will be unlocked for all users! We’ll also be updating it towards the end of the month, so remember to turn on your push notifications – we’ll send one out when we add new content to the Collection!

We've also been working on some security improvements behind the scenes. Our new and improved safety systems allow us to find problem users more easily and issue warnings and temporary bans. From now on, banned users will receive a direct message with a reason for the ban directly in their app, along with information about how long the ban lasts. We will be instituting a three-strike system – users who are banned three times will receive permanent bans from the app. So please brush up on the Recolor community guidelines here, and if you’re ever unsure about something, please feel free to contact our customer support team with any questions!

We’d especially like to take the time to gently remind everyone that all forms of hate speech and bullying are forbidden in the Recolor community. Pride is a time to celebrate the incredible diversity of humanity, and all the many ways we love each other. What makes the Recolor community amazing is our diversity - we have users from all over the world, from all walks of life coming together and celebrating creativity!

Have a bright and beautiful Pride, everyone!