iOS Users, Please Check In!

Hello iOS users,

We have received reports that some of you are having trouble accessing your pictures. It looks like many apps on the iOS platform are having similar problems at the moment, and like them we’re looking into it!

At the moment, our advice is to try rebooting your device if you’re having this issue. To check if you are experiencing more widespread issues with your iCloud, try accessing your iCloud files using the Files app. If you have trouble, try this;

1. Disable iCloud Drive for Recolor
2. Wait for the drive to be completely disabled
3. Restart your device
4. Re-enable iCloud Drive and give a few minutes for the pictures to repopulate Recolor

(Disabling iCloud for Recolor in iOS settings: Open iOS Settings, scroll down to Recolor, open it and select the option for Recolor not to use iCloud.)

You won't lose your colored pictures, you just won't be able to see them until you enable iCloud again.

If you continue to have the issue, please contact our Customer Support – and watch this space, where we’ll announce any updates or other fixes!

The Recolor Team