Some Changes

Hi Recolorists!

Our newest update went live a few days ago, and as well as fixing a number of bugs, it’s brought a few significant changes to the app. We let you know a while back that the coins would be leaving, and now they’re gone. We hope you were able to spend them all!

We’ve also raised the age rating for the app. However, this does NOT mean that the rules regarding inappropriate content have changed. They have not. You can read the full rules about inappropriate content here biggest change, which some of you have probably already discovered, is that premium pictures are no longer able to be unlocked by free users. You can watch a video to access the pictures in our Free category, and we’ll still be having three new free pictures every day, which will continue to be available to everybody.

We understand that not everyone will be happy with this change, but we’re dedicated to improving the app, its functionality, and its content, and this is a part of that process. We have great plans for Recolor, and many new things in the works which we’re excited to get to you. We hope our amazing community sticks with us through this transition period, as we work on making an app that’s worthy of you :)

Have a bright and beautiful day!

~The Recolor Team