Step into the Spotlight!

We all know the Highlights, but this week we’re introducing a new feature - Spotlight! Every week we’ll put ten pieces of art by ten different Recolorists into Spotlight for the whole world to see! To check out the weekly Spotlight page, just click on the banner inside the app!

From the Spotlight page you can directly access the profiles of featured users so you can follow your favorites. Clicking on the pictures themselves will open that picture in the editor for you to color your own version - so it’s a way to discover both new friends and new images to color! Get inspired by the creativity that is our amazing, world-wide community of colorists!

How do you get into Spotlight? Simply by doing what you are already doing! Relax, color and express yourself! Spotlight is not about the amount of likes, following a certain formula or competing with others - it is about showing off the amazing variety, creativity and artistic vision that makes up the Recolor community. Everyone has an equal chance to be featured - as long as you have a Recolor account and share your colorings, you can make it into Spotlight. While we have themes that tie together the Spotlighted artists of each week, these themes will be a secret until the Spotlight comes out - so there’s something exciting to look forward to every week.

Our first ever Spotlight features pictures from our Horizons collections! We have four pictures each from the India, Japan, and Mexico journeys - 12 in total instead of the 10 we'll have for subsequent Spotlights. Check out this week’s selection by clicking on the banner in the app!

We hope you find this new feature inspiring! Happy coloring!