The Results Are In - Users Love the Recolor Coloring App!

Recolor - Coloring Book is one of the first coloring apps, launched in 2015. It has collected more than 50 million downloads worldwide and contains over 4000 unique coloring pictures created by professional artists. Recolor users have a vibrant community where they share their colored pictures and give support to each other.

Creative, inspiring, relaxing, and easy to use – these were the most common responses when Recolor users were asked to describe the coloring app at the end of 2019. And since those were all the boxes we were trying to tick, we couldn’t be more delighted!

The 5500 respondents to our survey also praised the quality and variety of art styles available in the coloring pictures offered by Recolor. The diversity presented in our People category received special acclaim, with users repeatedly mentioning specific stand-out illustrations, such as our image of a wheelchair user with her pug, and another picture of a young bald girl in a princess gown.

Recolor users were extremely pleased with the special coloring campaigns run within the app in 2019, particularly our Pride Month celebration in June, which received the most thanks and praise from users. Our Easter Egg Hunt, where users had to search through the app to find hidden egg-themed illustrations, was also extremely popular, as were our collaborative campaigns, such as the promotional Barbie images created with Mattel.

Key art from the Love Stories Pride Event (2019)

When it comes to tools, free users and subscribers alike were delighted with our new palettes, the Pastel Gradients and Galaxy Gradients, both of which received unabashed approval. The Recolor crayons and swipe-to-color function remain deeply appreciated, each catering to one half of our userbase; those who enjoy drawing on top of our illustrations to edit them, and those who simply want to color the pictures provided. Everyone’s happy!

But the aspect of the coloring book which received the most love, after our collection of images, was the community. Users love the social features of Recolor and the overwhelming positivity and encouragement they receive from the community. We can definitely understand that - the community is our favorite aspect of the app too!

All in all, users were incredibly positive about Recolor 2019 - and we fully intend to give them just as much to enjoy in 2020!