The Rise of the Coloring Challenge Craze on TikTok in 2023

The Rise of the Coloring Challenge Craze on TikTok in 2023

In 2023, TikTok saw the emergence and explosive growth of a unique and creative trend: the coloring challenge craze. This phenomenon tapped into the collective desire for creativity, relaxation, and social interaction, making it one of the year's most engaging and widespread trends. As we delve into the intricacies of this craze, we uncover the reasons behind its popularity, the forms it took, and its impact on both creators and audiences alike.

Origins and Evolution

The coloring challenge craze began as a simple concept: artists and non-artists alike sharing videos of themselves coloring illustrations, ranging from simple designs to intricate patterns. These challenges often came with a twist—participants were to use a specific palette, incorporate random elements, or follow themes suggested by their followers. What started as a niche activity quickly ballooned into a full-blown trend, thanks to the algorithm's power and the community's eagerness to engage in collaborative and creative endeavors

The Coloring App Challenge on TikTok, also known as the #colorbooktrend, has captured the attention of many users with its simple yet engaging concept. Participants, often couples or friends, select the same coloring page from a variety of digital coloring books or apps, each person colors it in according to their preference, and then they compare the results. The appeal lies not in determining which version is superior, but in appreciating the differences and similarities in each person's approach to the same design. This trend highlights the unique perspectives individuals bring to the same task and celebrates the diversity of creativity.

Users have shared their experiences with this trend, noting how it brings them peace and joy. Some have even highlighted how it allowed them to appreciate their differences, such as a user who did the challenge with her colorblind husband, showcasing how diverse interpretations of the same image can be.

Participants often use apps like My Coloring Book Free, Recolor, Pigment, and ibis Paint X, with some acquiring coloring pages from Pinterest or purchasing digital downloads from platforms like Etsy. The trend gained popularity with videos from TikTok users like @toostle and @t1nker_fairy, who shared their coloring experiences online, contributing to the trend's spread. The hashtag #coloringbookchallenge and related tags have amassed millions of views, indicating the challenge's widespread popularity.

For anyone interested in joining the Coloring App Challenge, the process involves selecting a design from a digital coloring app, coloring the page using the app's tools, and then sharing the results on TikTok for comparison. It's a wholesome trend that allows for creative expression and sharing a moment of connectivity with others

Why It Captured Hearts

Creativity and Accessibility: One of the primary reasons for the trend's popularity was its inherent creativity paired with accessibility. With just a set of colors and a blank page, anyone could participate, making artistry feel attainable and enjoyable for people of all skill levels.

Relaxation and Mental Health: The act of coloring has been long recognized for its therapeutic benefits, offering a form of stress relief and mental decompression. In the tumultuous times of 2023, this aspect of the challenge provided a much-needed escape for many, promoting mindfulness and well-being.

Community and Interaction: TikTok's platform is uniquely suited to fostering a sense of community, and the coloring challenge was no exception. Participants could share tips, encourage each other, and even collaborate across continents, creating a vibrant, global community of creative individuals.

Viral Potential: The visual appeal of before-and-after coloring videos, coupled with TikTok’s algorithm, meant that these posts had a high potential to go viral. As creators competed to showcase their skills or put unique twists on their submissions, viewers were treated to an ever-evolving gallery of creativity.

Memorable Moments and Variations

The challenge saw numerous variations, from using unconventional materials like makeup or natural elements to "blind" coloring, where participants chose colors without seeing the illustration. Some creators even merged the trend with other popular TikTok challenges, creating cross-over content that resonated with wider audiences.

Impact Beyond TikTok

The coloring challenge craze transcended TikTok, influencing trends in digital and traditional art, education, and mental health advocacy. Art supply brands and digital coloring app developers saw increased interest and engagement, while educators incorporated similar activities into their teaching methods to enhance learning and creativity.


The coloring challenge craze of 2023 exemplified TikTok's power to ignite global trends that entertain, inspire, and unite. It underscored the universal appeal of creativity and the community's role in amplifying individual expression. As we look forward to future trends, the coloring challenge stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of simple, inclusive, and engaging activities in the digital age. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, a viewer looking for entertainment, or someone in need of a calming activity, the legacy of this trend continues to color the world in unexpected and delightful ways.